Ilimitas Talent is a global operator specialized in searching and hiring human resources to make available for our clients: worldwide highly qualified developer consultants, creatives, data analysts or CRM engineers.

Main technologies we work with:

  • SAP Consultant
  • JCL
  • DB2
  • CICS
  • C#, .NET framework
  • JAVA
  • OAS (Oracle Analytic Services)
  • ANGULAR 9 o sup.
  • .NET

A multifunctional team specialized in seeking and recruiting that guarantees you the profile required in the shortest possible time, face-to-face or remotely.

All advantages


Thanks to our recruitment, selection and contracting system, we are able to offer the possibility of expanding the structure in the shortest possible time, guaranteeing a quality process that optimizes results and facilitates the company's adaptation to work needs.


With just a phone-call, a worldwide alert system is activated to notify our regional managers, after a meeting where the main characteristics of the profile are defined, based on the technology to be used, the company and its time slot, our team filters and pre-select the candidates to present them to you so you can close the process. Once the candidate(s) has been chosen, Ilimitas Talent will provide you the team you need in record time.

Without local international contracts, with a single click and under the European legal framework we solve all the bureaucratic problems of managing teams with personnel from different countries.


The extensive network of international consultants with more than 5,000 members, allows us to instantly access to a pull of specialists based on the profiles, technologies and specifications requested.


Our experience of more than five years in worldlwide consultant selection processes has allowed us to systematically update our database. We are so sure that the team we set up is the one you need, that anytime you want we change it.


The optimization of the structure and the efficiency of the processes makes us highly competitive when dealing with the processes of selection and availability of our network.

From the executive point of view, the extensive experience and ease in managing the contract through a single entity allows significant economic, legal and time savings.

The structural boost you need with guarantees of efficiency and flexibility.

We provide the tools to grow the talent

Specialists in SAP, COBOL, JCL, DB2, CICS, C#, NET FRAMEWORK, JAVA, OAS (Oracle Analytics Services), ANGULAR 9 or higher developers

Multinational, multicultural and multidisciplinary digital development teams under a single contract in the legal environment of the European Union.


For Companies

Now is the moment, if you need multidisciplinary teams,
flexible, openminded, empathic, used to teamwork  and in international environments, do not hesitate, contact us and solve your needs.

For candidates

Join our team and the global digital development, send us your CV and work anywhere in the world.